Why Choose Us?

Why choose the Australasian Institute of Applied Studies?asd


  • You will study a program designed, guided and assessed by an accredited Ayurvedic Physician, (Dr S. Ajit), who has worked for the Government of India for 20 years and practiced clinical Ayurveda for 35 years,
  • You will study authentic Ayurveda in its totality as a holistic science with the requisite theoretical and practical skills.
  • You will learn how to apply the principles to your own life with the opportunity to i
    mprove and transform your own personal life and then be able to share the practice with your clients
  • You will receive mentorship from Dr. Ajit (BAMS, PCAS) who has been a powerful force in guiding the development of Ayurveda in Australasia and who knows clearly what has to be taught to this new generation of Ayurveda Practitioners outside of India,
  • The Institute welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds. All students have the opportunity to be brought up to ‘par‘ regardless of their background or lack of experience in health Sciences
  • The Institute’s flexible course delivery allows people to study and qualify in Ayurveda from all over Australia. We even have students living in other countries.
  • The Institute’s course offers maximum hours in both theory and practical subjects and both online and face to face training.

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